Monday, May 17, 2010

Stock Clearance..Let's Grab it fast..

Last update: 12 Sept 2011
As informed earlier, our shop is starting new, we would like to clear out old items including ribbons, paper, box, bag, bakul, towel etc. Don't get shock coz the price we are offering are so cheap, believe it most of them are lower than the price we bought. Anyhow we must stock out. We are so glad if you can finish up our stock.

1. Bakul Mengkuang:-
Clearance Price = RM0.70 each (Habis @ Sold Out)
psstt.. Normal Price = RM1.30 each

2. Thank You Ribbon:-
Clearance Price = RM5.00/roll
psstt.. Normal Price = RM8.90/roll

TQ02 - Gold (7Roll)

TQ03 - Cream (1Roll)

TQ04 - Brown (1Roll)

TQ05 - Purple (1Roll)

TQ06 - Blue (4Roll)

TQ07 - Pink (1Roll)

3. Mini Paper Bag (Made from recycle paper, psst..Bought in Thailand during our visit)
Clearance Price = RM30.00/pek (1pek = 100pcs)
psstt.. Normal Price = RM60.00/pek (1pek = 100pcs)

PB01 - Brown (100pcs)
PB02 - Cream (100pcs)

4. Organza Ribbon
Clearance Price = RM3.50/roll
psstt.. Normal Price = RM6.90/roll

OR01 - White Color (3Roll)

5. Fiber Roll, 1 Roll = 5M
Clearance Price = RM10.00/roll
psstt.. Normal Price = RM25.00/roll

FR01 - Cream

6. Paper Gift Box, Harga Promosi 30sen shj. (Harga lama 55-70sen)
i. Matt Gold Box, Available in 2 colors:-
Purple (ready stock : 350pcs) and Gold (ready stok : 200pcs)

Boleh isi dengan telur atau gula-gula atau coklat

ii.Magic Box (ready stock : 250pcs)
Boleh isi dengan gula-gula atau coklat

7. Beg Mengkuang - Harga Promosi RM15 shj untuk 19pcs

8. Tuala Buluh - Colorful - Harga Promosi RM50 shj untuk 76pcs (Habis @ Sold Out)


:: || Mrs. Izwan || :: said...

cik siti, mcm berminat ngan brown mini paper bag tu. Leh bg ukuran dia x? Nak tau besar mana. Thanks.

Chempaka Indah said...

Cik Shanaz,
Lamanye i tak jumpe you..nak guna masa cukur jambul nanti ye?

Lebar = 7cm
Tinggi = 7.5cm
beg tu leh buka up to 3cm. contohnye kita leh letak something yg tebalnye max 3cm.

★☆sweetheart☆★ said...

what is the size for the plastic box?